About Honey Glen

We’ve got bees and honey! We provide our local area of north-central West Virginia with honey, and help other folks get started with beekeeping too. We believe our honey is the best that money can buy for our local area.

Our Honey

100% raw, pure, unadulterated, unfiltered… exactly as it comes in nature. We have recently had our honey tested and the tests prove what we already knew: it contains all the natural pollen that was meant to be there from our local area, nothing added or taken away.

Some beekeepers use a burning-hot knife to extract their honey and still call it raw, but our process is truly 100% unheated.

Our Bees

We also provide honeybees in the form of nucleus colonies (“nucs”) to local folks who need bees. We raise our bees naturally without antibiotics or unnatural chemical pesticides. We give our hives close attention and individual care. Tests have repeatedly shown our colonies to be free of Nosema and we have never seen chalkbrood or American Foulbrood in any of our colonies.

The vast majority of our colonies are led by queens that we raised ourselves from our gentlest, most productive, and most mite-free mother colonies.

Our Training Services

Get your bees thriving! Know exactly what to do and when you need to do it for the best results. Honey Glen is offering interactive training to help newer beekeepers get a hang of beekeeping in record time.

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