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What Makes Our Honey Different?

Are you looking for local West Virginia honey that is raw, unfiltered and naturally raised? Look no further!

Nucs & Queens

Discover our nucleus colonies and queens raised locally and naturally in West Virginia

Pollen Foraging Studies

Have you ever wondered where your bees are getting their pollen? We would love to help you remove the mystery around this often-neglected aspect of honey bee health.
Mite Resistance Pays Off

Mite Resistance Pays Off

Honey Glen colonies in 2023 Breeding for mite resistance seems to be making a real difference. I’ve been working two bee operations over the last six years, and have had a chance to compare my Honey Glen stock with stocks used in the other operation. The operation two...

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We’ve got bees and honey! We provide our local area of north-central West Virginia with honey, and help other folks get started with beekeeping too. We believe our honey is the best that money can buy for our local area. Learn More »

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