Lesson 1.9 Character Considerations

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Are you willing to do what it takes to be beekeeper? Are you willing to BE what it takes?

  • Character is possibly the most important consideration.image038
    Good character only becomes more valuable as it becomes more scarce. Do not be a part of moral decline in society.
  • Character qualities are distinctive mental and moral qualities of an individual.
  • Beekeeping is husbandry: “You have to care”
  • You can retain your own unique personality while developing qualities for greater success. For example:
    Discipline – to do what needs to be done when it is not convenient or comfortable
    Diligence – to know the state of your colonies
    – making the job a part of myself, and understanding its importance
    – responding quickly to the needs in the hive
    – recycled items are often useful when making your own equipment
     – adjusting your schedule for weather conditions
    – if there is no honey harvest in the current year
     – with vendors, neighbors, customers, etc.
  • In the end it is you that will make yourself a beekeeper. This is not something that someone else can do for you.

Beekeeping husbandry:
It’s about knowing your bees
It’s about being involved with your bees
It’s about caring and enjoying a mostly one-way relationship

One of the greatest rewards of good inward character is a good reputation. If you are providing products or services through your beekeeping, a good reputation will be one of your most important assets. You need to be dependable to fulfill promises and be completely truthful.

The driving force behind the ability to care, whether for people or livestock, is the kind of love that puts yourself in another’s situation and wants what is best for them. This requires enough humility to put yourself below those you are serving, and finding joy in achieving a common good.

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.”



  • Define what size operation fits your interest;
    1. Strictly enjoyment
    2. Would like to break even by selling extra
    3. Would like to make profit, maybe small business
    4. Would like to work toward commercial business
  • List the things more important to you than beekeeping
    “I would give up beekeeping to keep or to preserve what?”




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